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Metal processing

Frilux is a part of NMF companies group and are verticaly integrated toghether with our nearby business units of  Artilux OEM electrical assembly and Artilux Metal offering to our customers complete management of supply chain from verticaly integrated manufacturing of components to final assembly and delivery of end products in shortest leadtimes within Europe. Recently opened our cluster metal production facility is a part of our vertical integration strategy. Highly automatised sheet processing unit is right choice for both small and big scale serries of products.

Salvagnini SL4 combined punching and cutting machine

Multi press head single structure with no stops for tool changes.
Manipulator – automatically controls ramps and reduces cycle times.
Running costs have been reduced considerably. The consumption of the entire SL4 system is extremely low, the average of power consumption is 35 kW during the cycle, thanks to the reduced consumption of the fiber source
Production costs benefit from the optimization management of the material: no scrap “dead zone” and the virtual absence of sheet trimming; waste is practically eliminated.
Machine maintenance has actually been eliminated on the laser, thanks to the fiber source which does not require periodical maintenance.

Technical data:

Maximum sheet dimension: 3048x1650

Punching capacity: Al 5mm; MS 3,5mm; SS 2mm

Laser cutting capacity: Al 4mm; MS 4mm; SS 4mm


Salvagnini panel bender P1

To bend materials of different thicknesses and with different bending radiuses, traditional bending calls for an array of tools and lengthy tooling times. For the same geometric characteristics, the electric panel bender P1 produces a greater number of parts with universal tool set and fast tools set up that allow it to automatically bend a large variety of items from a punched/cut sheet of metal.

Technical data:

Maximum bending length 1250 mm

Maximum bending height 127 mm

Max thickness

MS 1,6mm

SS 1,3mm

Al 1,6mm


Adira press brake PF 13530

Superior bending speed - only 2 mm above the plate

Ultimate precision

No limited bending height

Robot interface

Technical data:

Maximum bending length 3000 mm

Capacity 135kN


Leifeld SC310

Materials: cold-rolling steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze

Material thickness: 0,75mm-4mm

Max diameter of item: 1000mm

Max length of finished item: 1200mm


Other machinery:

  • Pneumatic drill and threading machine
  • Electric drill and threading machine
  • Spot-welding CEA machine (2pcs.)

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