Manual Bending

Many items at the Artilux NMF facilities are bent manually, with control measurements in place, so that the finished items fit the requirements exactly as agreed.

Highly productive Servo-electronic bending Safan Darley 160T Ultra:

  • equipment performs bending with an electric drive (not with hydraulic cylinders) that distributes the force evenly over the entire length of the bending part, main advantage – the details are more precise
  • matrix holder has a bending angle compensation, which results in straighter, more precise details
  • length of the workpiece is up to 3000 mm (max thickness – 6 mm)
  • bends any type of steel, including non-ferrous metals

Adira PF13530 press brake has superior bending speed, with the max length of the workpiece being 3000 mm, bending capacity – 135 kN.

Cone 900 Press brake is the perfect combination of tonnage and length, making it uniquely flexible, with the max length of the workpiece being 900mm, bending capacity – 220kN.