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Our customers are well know European companies number of years developing and selling electrical products, luminaries, consumer and industrial plastics for retail and industrial market. Being long term OEM partner and assuring high standard service we built partnership which helped us to grow very fast during recent years. Our core values always is the most important focus which link us together with customers demands.

  • Customer focus - listen what customer says, we learn a lot from demanding customers
  • Cost Efficiency - low energy machinery , cost control, LEAN organisation set up,  assure long term price development commitment,
  • Responsibility - be responsible with promisses and leadtimes, follow EU regulations, share best expertise with customer
  • Reliability - maintain highest On-Time- Deliveries, commit on customer's quality standards, align company KPI with customer and follow them
  • Sustainability - sustainable growth, use of recycled materials, alternative green energy sources



Partners about us:

"Experience and reliability, that’s precisely why we esteem the collaboration with Frilux, UAB in the field of production supply. Just-in-time delivery, high degree of process stability and a great deal of discipline from those involved. I think this is an outstanding service from Frilux, UAB."

Andrea Pinzauti

Owner, UAB Profilita and Plastics Consultant