And replenishing them in … Calcutta Biochemic Medical College in Surya Sen Street, Kolkata(Calcutta) - 700009. Today, with branches throughout Europe, and many other countries of the world, it it the worlds leading authority on the subject of 'The Clinical Science of the Biochemic Therapies of Dr. med W. H. Schuessler', with continuing work, and research into the 12 minerals. Thakur Sukhdev Brahamachari Biochemic Medical College & Hospital is to extend facilities & offer humanitarian activities to the ailing humanity in the remote rural areas of West Bengal by equipping them with the means for the realization of the inner potential energies of … Watch Queue Queue The biochemic preparations, prepared by schuessler, work on the premise that diseases result due to the deficiency of some vital salts in the tissues. Schuessler. biochemic system of medicine- dr. wilhelm schuessler. Tissue remedies. Welcome to Calcutta Bio-chemic Medical College. Teacher's day 2019. The Biochemic system of treatment was gifted to humanity by Dr.Schuessler, of Olden bring, Germany in March 1873 an article, entitle “An Abridged Homoeopathic Therapeutics from his pen was published in a German Homoeopathic Journal .He discovered that the body is composed of a perfectly balanced quantity of water, organic matter and inorganic elements. efforts by :- dr shreya k. joshi p.g. madhu sudan dutta teacher at schuessler biochemic medical college and hospital nadia, west bengal, india Biochemic remedies. schuessler efforts by dr shreya k joshipg scholar ahmedabad homoeopathic medical college author dr ... accorded to dr schuessler describes individually each of the 12 mineral salts in conclusion the ... tablets schuessler biochemic system of medicine biochemic medicine biochemic system of medicine Listed under Medical Colleges with Address, Phone Number, Map, Contact details, Photos, Reviews and Ratings of Calcutta Biochemic Medical College, Kolkata(Calcutta) on Indiacom This video is unavailable. The practice of Bio-chemic Medicine is a wonderful invention of Medical Science. Three different names for a group of twelve remedies that has stood the test of time when it comes to health through natural healing. Cell salts. The memorable event took place in the year 1873 (March) by the contribution of the great scientist, Dr. W.H. 1 THE BIOCHEMIC HANDBOOK An introduction to the cellular therapy and practical application of the twelve tissue cell-salts in accordance with the Biochemic System of Medicine originated by Dr. W. H. Schuessler. He observed that salt’s are essential in … scholar @ ahmedabad homoeopathic medical college